Cold pressing of the fruit peels. 1 kg of essential oil is obtained from 200 kg of lemon peel.

Improving memory and learning. A Japanese study has shown that the error rate of people working on computers can be reduced by 54 percent using the scent of lemon. As a result, they have attracted the interest of scientific research.

According to Dr. Galuzzi says: “The lemon peel is very rich in secondary plant substances. In particular, two of these phytochemicals, called aurapten, from the coumarin family and naringenin from the flavonoid family. Some studies have shown that Aurapten and Naringenin have a neuroprotective effect, thereby improving memory and learning. Additionally, in a clinical trial, Aurapten was administered to a group of healthy elderly people, showing an improvement in immediate memory function compared to placebo. This is therefore an ideal population to study the effect of treatment to improve cognitive abilities."