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5HEAD® +1SKILL The patented 100% organic brain booster for smell. Developed with top e-athletes to increase the performance of gamers and students. When you use 5HEAD® correctly, you associate smell with experiences. Some experiences you have more often in a game, some less often. The more gaming experience you gain from 5HEAD®, the better you can draw on it. This applies to both positive and negative things. Neuroplasticity works similarly to muscle memory. 5HEAD® helps you store knowledge faster and more efficiently and find clever solutions even in stressful situations.

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Odor anchor with 5HEAD ®

A smell has direct access to the cerebral cortex without being switched by the thalamus. Therefore, olfactory experiences are stored in the brain unfiltered and directly related to the respective situation. This connection is called an odor anchor, i.e. an association between a smell and a situation. This improves your action IQ and, over time, you react faster and faster in the situations you have linked. The result is a significantly faster response time, also known as “ping”.

Pro Valorant gamer “LuckeRRR” is a three-time Premier Champion and says:

"It's just fun to use 5HEAD. It smells good and as a professional gamer, every % improvement is crucial."

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How long does a 5Head® last?

If used daily, the 5HEAD® tank lasts approximately one to two months.
The duration of use of 5HEAD® obviously varies from person to person, but thanks to the integrated tank you can refill the defuiser at any time.

Why is there 5Head® +1Skill in blue and purple?

Blue and purple both smell the same, only the colors are different to avoid confusion with your friends' products.

The duo pack is specifically designed for friends, while later the 5-packs are ideal for teammates. Different colors will soon be available as bundles. This makes it possible to at least personalize the +1Skill scented pen from 5Head at boot camp or at a LAN party in order to reduce the risk of confusion.

Of course, you can also just choose the color you like best.

How do I as a gamer improve my performance with 5Head®?

Once you understand 5Head® correctly, it will be a loyal and very reliable setup companion.

Because the 5Head scent works best as a memory anchor. It is best to combine the perfectly coordinated scent specifically with positive and negative emotional gaming experiences.

20 minutes before training, lightly wet your wrist and place a drop of 5Head on it. Please note that you should never apply essential oils undiluted to the skin.

Then you use the diffuser and pull on 5Head® with each nostril. Shortly before the game you draw 5 Head® again. From now on, only do this when things are going really badly and your back is basically against the wall.

This not only helps you to remain self-confident and able to act, but also to focus your thoughts and find more creative solutions, as all of your set olfactory anchors are working together in the moment.

At offline events where only water is allowed on the stage, a sweatband on the wrist that you can drizzle the outside of with the performance-enhancing scent once or twice has always proven useful. You can always smell it when you need a boost.

How do I as an athlete increase my performance with 5Head®?

How do I use 5Head® as an athlete (e.g. in football or martial arts)?

When playing sports, be it soccer, strength training or other activities, using 5Head® can be extremely beneficial. You should smell 5Head® before and during training. Athletes are mostly familiar with similar effects from tiger balm. But 5Head® not only opens your airways, but also helps you stay calmer and more focused. It also contributes to the optimal supply of your cells.

When doing sports, 5Head® can also be used as a supportive tool for weight loss. The grapefruit flavor in 5Head® helps suppress cravings.

How do I as a student increase my performance with 5Head®?

Every student should always have 5Head® at hand. It is very important that you use the 5Head scent as a memory anchor while you study.

20 minutes before a lecture or study session, lightly wet your wrist and put a drop of 5Head® on it. Please note that you do not use the fragrance undiluted.

You should smell 5Head® regularly before, during and after studying or taking an exam. This will help you remember what you have learned better.

The active ingredient formula of 5HEAD® - What's behind it?

It is important to note: The key advantage of 5HEAD® lies in the long-term association of smells with experiences. You will achieve the best effect if you proceed continuously and condition yourself in the desired situations.

Our unique formula includes carefully selected ingredients:

  • Rosemary, which improves cognitive abilities.
  • Lemon that reduces the error rate on the computer.
  • Grapefruit, a neurotransmitter enhancer that enhances the effects of the ingredients (Please note possible drug interactions).
  • Basil, promotes memorization.
  • Sage, which increases word recall and memory speed.

All of these ingredients are perfectly balanced to ensure maximum efficiency. Our quality is unbeatable and we have developed this product over the years with dedication to improving the performance of gamers and students.

Why is 5HEAD® the perfect gaming booster?

You can combine 5HEAD® with any other gaming booster and you don't have to decide. Your favorite booster drink has a better effect with 5HEAD®. This means you can combine them ideally. 5HEAD® is designed to be used alone or in combination.

As gamers and students, we have special requirements and needs to increase our performance.
We at 5HEAD® have focused on precisely these requirements in order to be able to optimally support gamers and students. The innovative active ingredient formula from 5HEAD® is specially designed for the needs of gamers and students and supports focus and concentration in order to exploit the full performance potential.
5HEAD® therefore offers the optimal support for gamers to enjoy the best possible gaming experience and improve test results.

Will there be multiple scents from 5Head®?

Yes, there are more scents in development. These include those that are ideal for relaxing and relieving stress, such as the +1Chill Edition.

In addition, we plan to offer different fragrances for the same purpose. Our goal is to continually develop innovative fragrances to meet different preferences and needs.

Of course always with a scientific background. In the future there will be something for every taste.

Is 5Head® a placebo?

The scientific answer to that is no. Various double-blind studies on humans have shown that the effect of the ingredients in 5Head® cannot be viewed as a placebo.

Of course, the ingredients of 5Head® can also be detected in the blood and in every cell in the body, which underlines the effectiveness of the product.

Interesting fact:
Even if it were a placebo, it would still work, because in that case it would be exactly what it claims to be - a placebo.

5HEAD® side effects

Danger! Our product causes drug interactions. Medications have a longer and stronger effect.

Please be aware of allergies and do not apply the product undiluted to the skin.

It is not suitable for children under 6 years and pregnant women.

Our product does not contain any addictive substances and is only available in 100% organic food quality. We only use the best oils available on the market. In contrast to synthetically produced fragrances, our oils are 100% broken down by the body.

5HEAD® application / odor anchor

The essential oils rosemary, lemon, grapefruit, basil and sage work synergistically and immediately make you more alert, more focused and more creative. The eucalyptol it contains increases your memory performance and the eugenol docks directly onto the dopamine receptors, making your synapses particularly active.

The effect occurs without a state of intoxication, so some people think they don't feel any effect. It's important to note that it's not the high that makes your senses more acute. On the contrary, clear and sharp senses allow you to make better use of your cognitive abilities.

One should note: The decisive advantage comes from the permanent connection between smell and experiences. The best effect is achieved when you practice continuity and condition yourself in the desired situations.

Our brain essentially functions according to an implicit functional mode. It retrieves information it already knows, whether it is good or dysfunctional. It does not evaluate this information. This means that the same neural connections are used again and again.

Our brain has the remarkable ability to be neuroplastic. This means that, through training and practice, it has the ability to change the connections between nerve cells in the brain. Through regular stimulation, new, functional neural pathways can be formed. In this way we can learn new skills, adapt to new situations and actively change our brain structure.

There is no unit of time in the limbic system, which is also responsible for the sense of smell. The temporal classification occurs later in the hippocampus. You can imagine it like a huge hard drive with unknown data sets that remain hidden for life and that we cannot delete or reprogram. However, we can add new records. However, this does not work with the mind.

Essential oils have a direct impact on all of our prior experiences, all of which are anchored in memory, the limbic system and epigenetics, including learned coping strategies that we do not have conscious access to! All of these experiences form neural pathways in the brain.

Due to their chemical structure, essential oils can act like neurotransmitters. They influence the neurotransmitter balance according to the key and lock principle. The oil finds its way as a neurotransmitter and activates the nerve cell when needed. This activates other neurons and creates new neuronal connections.

Essential oils work in a similar way in the subconscious. By binding to brain receptors, they are unconsciously linked to images and information.

Although we cannot delete pre-existing information in our brain, by using olfactory anchors we can develop new behaviors and neural pathways by associating them with altered behavior and responses.