How does 5HEAD work?

With 5HEAD you combine a scent with an experience. It doesn't matter what the experience is and recalls it more quickly when you smell it again. This works because olfactory experiences are stored directly in the amygdala. Strictly speaking, two strands go from the nose to the brain: one to the hippocampus and one to the amygdala. What you see at that moment is combined with the smell and tied up like a package. Each time you smell the same scent again, the package appears and you can more easily access the associated information.
Essential oils work in two ways: They provide olfactory anchors that trigger a high emotional response and an associated learning curve, regardless of whether the situation is positive or negative. The brain stores and retrieves information in an implicit functioning mode without evaluating it. Therefore, only the intensity is important.
The best results are achieved by continually setting the scent anchors during AIM training or in situations where you think: 'If I had done this or that, I would have outplayed them.'
Now, before the important game or exam, smell 5Head and apply it diluted to your wrist. From this point on, you no longer use it only when things are going badly or your back is against the wall, but rather continuously to achieve the best results.
At this moment the olfactory anchors take effect and you can find better solutions more quickly and easily through previously linked similar game situations.
Essential oils also work through their lipid solubility. This means they can penetrate all cell membranes, even those that are already compressed, and provide direct benefits. They enter the bloodstream after 2 minutes and, due to their size, can cross the blood-brain barrier to dock directly to receptors in the brain.
Our ingredients are perfectly coordinated to provide the best possible support for gamers:
- Rosemary promotes cognitive abilities.
- Lemon reduces the error rate on the computer by over 50%.
- Grapefruit is a neurotransmitter amplifier that improves the effects of all substances. It can affect how it interacts with medications, so you may only need half an ibuprofen instead of a full one.
- Basil promotes memorization.
- Sage improves word recall and speed of memory.
All of our ingredients also work independently of the odor anchors. However, it is important to note that they do not cause a state of intoxication like drugs or caffeine. They promote clearer and more focused thoughts for optimal performance.
No concerns are necessary regarding the sense of smell as it is the oldest sense organ and occupies the largest space in our genome. Our approximately 30 million olfactory cells in our noses are completely renewed every month. The scent molecules are not transported directly from the nose to the brain, but are converted into an electrical impulse that can be measured. Each of these 30 million olfactory cells has its own wire to the brain - if it were a cable, it would be quite thick. So a lot of energy flows through it.
The scent molecules reach the blood via the mucous membrane after 2 minutes and are then in the brain after 22 seconds. After all, they can be detected in every cell of your body after 20 minutes.